Sunday, October 15

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These cliffhanger endings might be the death of me. All that discussion and planning, only to leave the episode with Galactica on the verge of saving the entire human race. I was all sniffly when Adama told Apollo "don't make me cry on my own airdeck." I'm more addicted than ever, and that's saying a lot.

So here's my weird theory of the night. I don't think that Casey is actually Starbuck and Leoben's kid. It is possible that she was created with the ovary that they removed from Starbuck, but I just don't buy that she's a joint venture. I got to pondering this because D'Anna seems gung ho to find Hera. If there were other Cylon/Human babies out there, Hera wouldn't be such a big deal. And feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Number 6 tell Gaius a while back that the Cylons hadn't been successful in producing offspring and that was why Good Sharon (she proved herself trustworthy tonight by shooting D'Anna in the kneecaps so she's good for now) and Helo's kid would be so special? If this thought is true, that's just wrong since it seems like Kara is getting really attached.

I was more than a little excited that Anders caught right on to Ellen's betrayal. I know that she was doing it to save Saul, but why since Saul was already out of jail was she granting sexual favors to a Brother Cavil? With her indiscretions and his violent tendencies, he really had no idea how accurate his comment was, "The last thing your son wants is me and Ellen for parents."

Last week's cliffhanger had me biting my nails wondering the fate of Callie, I was only mildly worried for Roslin - they just can't kill her off, she's too amazing. I'm glad that the insurgence was able to track the Cylons and save them, though a Brother Cavil model was more than a little miffed to be left to suffer. This from a being who was trying to exterminate a third of the human race. He's lucky all he got was a headache.

Then there's Gaius. He's in a depression and full of self-loathing. Considering that his easily manipulated mind is one of the major reasons why the humans are in this major predicament. He should be regretful and drowning his sorrows in alcohol because he is one of the most pathetic men in the known universe. There's got to be a moment this season where he has an opportunity to step up and prove himself and I'm really curious to see what he does.

I still can't believe we have to wait a whole week to find out what happens next. This is the problem with getting hooked by watching it on the DVD's, one episode is just never enough.

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Rob Robinson said...

I totally agree about the issue of getting hooked on a series by DVD. I've watched Galactica since the miniseries and would never miss an episode, but I began watching Lost this past summer on DVD.

It's hard enough waiting a week between episodes of Galactica, but it has really been lousy being unable to watch four episodes of Lost a night on top of that.

Great points about Roslin and about Kacey. They won't let Laura go lightly now that they created a means for her survival last season. I doubt Kacey is Kara's child, too, because of the same reason you mentioned: It messes up the whole "love is the answer" theory for conception between the two "races."