Tuesday, October 10

Ragnar Anchorage on the move

We have been messing around with the new Invision Power Board V.217 which is going to be residing on the Galactica Station site. I've just spent the last few weeks getting it to look like the existing RA board and it's been quite a frustrating time.

Basically we are going to transfer all the data from the existing RA board over to the new one including all posts and members. Obviously we have chosen a bad time to do this with season 3 having already started but it has taken a while for us to find out that it can be done.

The New board has loads of better features, control and is much more user friendly.

We will not be restricted on what we talk about because it's our board, not Invisionfree's

We were hoping to do this weeks ago but as usual nothing ever works as you want it

anyway have a nose around http://galacticastation.com/Ragnar_Anchorage/index.php?

its only a shell at the moment with hardly any content but have a mess around with the features and give it a test drive to see if you find any problems with it but i am still tweaking.

The existing RA database will be updated on the new board in about 7-10 days and will overwrite any data that is stored on the board, so posts will be lost, obviously there will be missing from RA posts as the changeover occurs but the admins and mods will paste as many of the newer post from the existing board on the new one.

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