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TV Review: - Exodus Part 1

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Well folks after last week’s cliffhanger it seemed like Tom Zarek and Laura Roslin might have had their card punched for good didn’t it? Well, I’m NOT going to start off this review by telling you who gets to live and who dies. Let’s just say that there are some shots fired and bodies do hit the dirt, now are those people or something else…hmmmm…guess you’ll find out tonight. I hate to read spoiler reviews of shows before I get a chance to see them, so I try to refrain from writing spoiler reviews when I cover things.

Let’s do a quick re-cap of what was going on last week. At the end of the episode President Baltar unwillingly signed a death warrant on some of our major characters for the last couple of seasons, Sharon and Anders had been ambushed by a Cylon patrol after Colonel Tigh’s wife Ellen had betrayed them by giving away the secret location of the meeting. Adama had decided to take the Galactica back and begin a full-scale assault and rescue operation at New Caprica.

This episode (I hate to tell you this much) is also to be continued. But, this is left in a slightly better place than the premiere was. One of the biggest things about this episode is the half-Cylon child of Starbuck. Kara has to wrestle with her affections for the child, and her hatred of the child’s Cylon father.

Either fans will love or hate this storyline. It leads one to question exactly what the Cylon is up to by showing Kara, her child, and trying to make her love him … is it all head games, or is there something far bigger going on in his devious little robot brain?

Adama and Apollo’s relationship remains strained through this time period. I certainly feel that this particular set of situations with Lee in charge of the Pegasus, gaining the mass of weight, and the settlement on New Caprica being abandoned all have built a wonderful new level for the two actors to explore. Adama and Lee have never had the best relationship to being with, but they have had their time periods of cease-fire and genuine affection. This is far more interesting to watch with both of them wrestling to control their emotions.

This episode ends on an upswing, and leads into what can only be a HUGE slam bang episode that concludes the four part season 3 opening story. The tension is as high as it has ever been on the series, and fans will undoubtedly tune in again and again to see what the writers are doing to their beloved characters.

That’s it for now BSG fans, tune in tonight to see everything that I didn’t tell you in the review. Until then, humanity will survive. So say we all.

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