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Finally, we're back on Galactica for good ... or at least it seems that way. The episode wastes no time getting right into the thick of things, showing us why it's titled 'Collaborators'. You can tell Tigh doesn't exactly feel comfortable with the methods used to deal with those who they feel betrayed the human race on New Caprica, and Chief feels even more opposed, though still only really in the back of his mind. Everyone just wants to see someone get hurt back for what happened.

You can't help but feel for Jammer right away. I mean, we know a lot more about him than the others do. We know for a fact that he let Callie go, but the others are only able to take Jammer's word with a grain of salt and wonder if that much is even worth his life. You just want to reach into the TV and yell "Jammer really let Cally go!" But instead we have to sit and watch it all play out before us.

Oh, and just because Jammer's spacebound doesn't mean he can't still be a Cylon. I'm just sayin'.

What I'd actually like to know is how Chief and the others knew who was on the police force. Who blabbed? Why didn't they know earlier? I can only imagine that they found just one guilty person, then made that person give up the others before doing him in.

I love the dream Baltar had. I will admit there was an initial shock at that scene but then it became obvious very quickly that this was all a dream before Baltar even realizes it himself.

Someone got it 100% right in a previous comment, that Roslin would eventually get the presidency pretty much handed to her by Zarek. So did Zarek really take a turn for the better while on New Caprica?

So it seems there are definitely seven Cylon models there on the ships with Baltar, as the Number Three model tells him. So, where are the other models? I guess this seems to say it's very possible that the others are true sleeper agents, ones even the Cylon models we know don't know about.

What I said about Jammer earlier pales in comparison to what we see of Gaeta. Starbuck stands there knowing all about what, to her, is some weird dog bowl speech. All she'd need to do is just make one mention of it and everything would be known. And just as Chief is almost out of earshot, she does, and just in the nick of time. The look on Chief's face of how close they were to killing someone who's basically a hero tells it all.

And the closing scene is priceless.

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