Monday, October 23

Man of Duty

Source: Gateworld

Battlestar Galactica is now into its third season, and is a bona fide hit. No one could be happier than actor Jamie Bamber, who plays the intense Commander Lee "Apollo" Adama on the series.

GateWorld caught up with Jamie at the Shore Leave convention in Baltimore, Maryland. In the interview, the actor talks about the shocker of an ending in Season Two, and the radical changes that his character faces early in the show's third year. Jamie also discusses Apollo's relationships with other characters, notably Kara Thrace and his father, Admiral Adama.

GateWorld's interview with Jamie Bamber is available in MP3 audio format for easy listening, and is about 15 minutes long. It is also transcribed below. You can also download the interview to your MP3 player and take GateWorld with you!

Click the Gateworld link to read the interview and to download the audio

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